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Our Horses


20-year-old Quarter Horse Mare

Cookie is a retired show horse that loved her job and wants to please those handling her. She will tolerate most situations and is generally very passive and quiet, although she does have days when she prefers to be left alone and enjoy the pasture after years of hard work.


17-year-old Paint Gelding

Rocky is very laidback and prefers naps over all else; if given a chance to stand still, he will fall asleep. He is a retired show horse and has earned his right to retirement and as many naps as he likes. He enjoys being groomed and being put into light work.


8-year-Old Buckskin Quarter Horse Mare

Jessie is the daughter of Cookie and is also the youngest of the herd. Although she is young, she inherited her mother’s quiet and easy temperament. Jessie continues to learn and does best with a confident handler who can give her direction and keep her interactions positive.


21-year-old Pony Mare

Misty enjoys being the center of attention and will seek out the attention of anyone standing nearby by getting as close to you as she possibly can. She has been known to slip out of her stall if the door is left open, so always keep a watchful eye on her. Misty wants to be loved and will respond well to anyone that wants to give her attention.


11-year-old Paint Mare

Candy is the daughter of Cookie and one of the more spirited members of the herd. Candy is still learning and does best with a confident handler. She will follow the lead of her handler, and if you are confident, she will be too. Candy is a typical teenager, and some days she prefers to be left alone.


8-year-old Donkey gelding

Sebastian is very timid and does not like to be caught out in the pasture. When inside, he’ll allow you to pet him, but he is very stubborn and does not lead well. He prefers to spend all his time outside, but please respect his personal space and don’t go in his stall or pet him without permission if he is in the barn.    

Please note that we are managing medical conditions in most of our herd members, so we rarely feed treats. Because of the nature of their jobs, we ask that you respect the horses’ personal space and allow their primary bonding to be with clients and staff members responsible for their daily care. 

If you have any questions about the horses, please feel free to ask any staff member. Please note that many of our horses are privately owned, and out of respect for their privacy, we are not always able to disclose details of their medical histories.